Prescription Pill Bottles

A new study from Mayo Clinic researchers reveals how many Americans are on prescription drugs — and it’s a lot of us.

The study, published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, shows that seven out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription drug. The most commonly prescribed drug is antibiotics — taken by 17 percent of Americans — followed by antidepressants and opioids — each taken by 13 percent of Americans.

Drug Center

Wondering what are the side effects or adverse reactions to a medication or a medical device? A great resource for information can be found at Drug Center. Drug Center was founded in 2015 to offer help and support to the millions of people hurt by faulty or poorly tested drugs or medical devices. There goal is to give hope and a voice to those who suffered severe side effects because of careless pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Drug Center is  dedicated to providing information and services that uplift and empower the public, especially those who are often under-served or disadvantaged. They provide supplemental information for those who are suffering or who are curious about side effects from prescription drugs.  Visitors also have the option to get a free case evaluation to find out if they might be eligible for financial compensation.