Nov 21 2013


MONTGOMERY CREEK, CA – Arlene is Ada’s in-house caregiver and niece. She has lived with her for a while. Knowing Ada’s health history, Arlene is usually equipped to help with Ada’s daily needs.


On November 17th at 12:27am, Arlene realized that Ada’s normal symptoms had begun to escalate. Ada had been fighting a cold for a while and Arlene felt that she was now trying to fight pneumonia. After taking Ada’s vitals, Arlene knew Ada needed help, and fast. So she pressed Ada’s medical alert button.


Within moments our response team member Mark answered the call. He listened to Arlene’s description of Ada’s symptoms and immediately dispatched emergency services. With the information Mark gave the paramedics, they advised Arlene that they would immediately transport Ada to the hospital. 9-1-1 Dispatch had contacted a life flight helicopter to be in the air as the paramedics arrived at Ada’s home.


As EMS drove her to the hospital, Ada’s symptoms got worse. They signaled the helicopter and found a place for them to land.


At the hospital doctors started her on medication to subdue the symptoms. Luckily for Ada, the information that Mark had given to EMS allowed the doctors to be ready, preventing any permanent damage to her lungs and heart.


After the event Arlene commented: “I am so glad that you were there to help Ada. If I had to call 9-1-1 myself, I would’ve had to leave Ada to go call them, but you did it for me and got help here fast.”


We thank team member Mark W. for his dedicated and quick response to Ada’s situation.