Response Team Member:  Amy



August 30, 2013


Oxygen is an essential element for the human body to function normally. When someone has reached a point in their life where oxygen flow must be regulated by a machine, any variance from that flow of oxygen can have devastating effects. The loss of motor dexterity and important brain function are initial signs of the body not getting enough oxygen.

Clarence receives oxygen 24/7. He relies on his machine day in and day out to help him get the oxygen he needs. On August 7th, around 4 am, Clarence’s nasal tube came out. Waking up, Clarence was confused and disoriented to what was going on around him. He was under the impression someone was trying to break into his house. Shirley, Clarence’s wife, didn’t realize anything was wrong until she heard Clarence run into, and break a glass table. After realizing that Clarence was hallucinating, Shirley pressed their medical alert button.

Livewell response team member Amy responded to Shirley’s call for help and notified their hospice. Immediately, hospice arrived and secured Clarence’s oxygen tube to restore his flow back to normal. “I thought they did superb in getting Clarence the help he needed,” Shirley said, “A lot faster than some hospitals I’ve been to!” 

We were pleased to learn that Clarence is now getting the additional daily help he needs. We thank Livewell response team member Amy for her quick response to Clarence’s situation, helping prevent any permanent damage that may have come from a prolonged absence of oxygen.