February 14, 2014

EAST I-68 HIGHWAY, MD – “Please be advised that he has a large cut on his head but is conscious,” Emergency Response team member Nathan told dispatch as he sent EMS to the scene. 

On February 14th, Fred was driving eastbound on the snowy I-68 when he noticed a vehicle about 200 yards ahead of him lose control and flip off the highway.  Immediately, Fred pushed the button on his Mobile Alert system pendant to call for help. 

Within moments Emergency Response team member Nathan had his GPS location and Fred on the line. As Fred explained the rollover accident, Nathan immediately dispatched the paramedics to the precise location of the accident. 

With the help of Fred, Nathan, and his mobile alert, immediate aid was sent to a potentially devastating situation.

Later Fred commented “If I am ever in an accident, it’s nice to know that help is always with me.” 

A Mobile Alert System like the one Fred used are growing in popularity because of their ability to summon help both inside and outside there homes.

 We would like to thank Nathan for his dedicated efforts to protect the lives and properties of our clients.