TraeChappell medical alert operator

Medical Alarm Operator Trae Chappell



HAMPTON, VA – Medical Alarm operator Trae Chappell muted the phone call and requested to a fellow operator, “I need you to dispatch the authorities to this address…”

On April 23rd at 12:43am Delores realized that her husband had been drinking too much. When he began to shout in anger, she pressed her button. Medical Alarm operator Trae answered the call. 

Delores began to tell Trae that her husband was a 27-year Marine veteran and had become angry and began to rave and rant about everything, to the point that it worried her. 

When Trae asked her if she needed help she said no (due to her husband screaming in the background to not send anyone). Growing worried, she walked into her bedroom to continue to talk with Trae. She began to tell Trae that she was a small woman and was growing afraid that he may get out of control. She asked Trae to stay on the line with her and talk with her. Trae confidently told her that he wasn’t going anywhere and that he would stay on the line with her for as long as she needs. Trae began to listen to her story. She told Trae some alarming details that made him concerned for her well-being. So, while listening to her, Trae enlisted another operator to send EMS and the police.

While waiting for help to arrive Trae told Delores that he was in the Army National Guard, and he understood better than most people what her husband was going through. Feeling more confident about the situation, she walked back in the room and gave the phone to her husband, and Trae began to talk with him. It was very clear that he was intoxicated and having an emotional breakdown.  

Upon learning that Trae was in the military, his tone and anger calmed down. Trae was able to have a conversation with him and keep the situation calm while help was coming.

Upon arrival the authorities took over the situation. Delores sincerely thanked Trae for everything and the phone call finally ended.