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The Power of Cloud Computing Comes to the Medical Alert Industry   

Libris AutoAlert – Nation’s Most Advanced Fall Detection Medical Alert   

Protecting you with “State of the Art” Technology – It’s the Smartest Medical Alert on the Market


On beach fall detection alert cutWith  the 3G mobile Libris AutoAlert, go anywhere safely with the most reliable and advanced  medical alert on the market.  The small, easy to wear, mobile device provides an integrated Automatic Fall Detection System, assists in location services and quick two – way voice communication with our emergency response center. 

It’s the First “Mobile” Auto Fall Detection System

    Enjoy Protection Nationwide



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Even with all the amazing capabilities of the Libris AutoAlert,  it’s simple, uncomplicated and easy to use. There is only one button and with just one touch of the Libris pendant you are connected within seconds to the nation’s best emergency response center. No training, there’s nothing complicated about this amazing device. Just put it on and you are protected 24-7 nationwide!


No other fall detection system offers the amazing performance capabilities of the Libris AutoAlert.

The Libris continuously sends data collected from three separate movement sensors to a cloud based powerful computing center that analyzes the past and current movements of the pendent.  

medical alert monitoringEven if you have not pressed your alert button, if a fall is detected our emergency response center is automatically notified and in real time the emergency operator can view on their computer screen the pendent status, it’s position and movement history.

The operator then opens a communication line, calling you through the Libris AutoAlert pendent, to determine if emergency assistance is needed……even if you have not pressed your alert button!  If you are not able to respond help is immediately sent. Your caregiver and Livewell are also notified of the event. 

No other fall detection system provides this advanced capability and provides nationwide emergency response protection.  Other auto fall detection medical alerts attempt to determine a fall occurrence using limited or even one sensor and use inefficient computing technology located inside the pendent itself.  False alarms and missed fall occurrences become so routine that many user’s simply return their systems frustrated with the lack of proper performance. 


Yes, it’s a mobile device that is waterproof!  Wear your Libris AutoAlert pendent in the shower and bath.  It’s the best in Smart, Safe Independent Living.


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If needed, Libris AutoAlert provides GPS and telco location services to assist the emergency response center and first responders in determining your approximate location in the event you are not able to provide the needed information. 


Your Libris AutoAlert  comes pre-programmed….just charge it, turn it on, wear it on your belt or with the lanyard and you’re protected.  It’s just that easy!


All Livewell Medical Alert Systems Including the Mobile Libris AutoAlert Fall Detection System Comes With 24-7 CSAA Certified Emergency Monitoring Services



Best Medical alert monitoringNation’s Leading Monitoring Service. Our Utah based service partner, Avantguard, is the leading emergency response center in the nation. Find out how our Everyday Hero’s are here to help you. 



    • Simple, easy, only one emergency button
    • Sleek, small and lightweight    1.7 oz     1.6” x 2.6” x .7”
    • Waterproof to IPX7 – wear in shower and bath
    • Nationwide service – Cellular service included
    • Industry leading response -Less than 20 seconds
    • Continual self-tested for connection and battery status
    • 36 hours between battery charges
    • Low battery auto light with voice alerts
    • Sensors: Primary and secondary accelerometers, magnetometer and gyroscope

    • Fall detection methods based on proprietary algorithms
    • Location Services: GPS and telco location-based services (AGPS)

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