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Walk, garden, travel.  Go out and enjoy the things you love knowing you’re connected to help with a simple touch of your iHELP Alert.

model w-Ihelp 2 small Medical alert with fall detection. Also a senior help button.


Sleek, small and lightweight it’s only 1.5 ounces.  Wear it as a pendent, clip it on clothing or belt.  Add the optional “Smart Cradle” and have the option to wear the smallest help button made in the industry.  

AUTO FALL DETECTION INCLUDED   Internal sensors monitor your movements and can detect a fall.  In the event you are incapable of pressing your help button, your iHELP medical alert will call the monitoring center for you.  Fall detection sensitivity can be set at three different levels or even turned off if desired.  Voice prompts from the device announce when a fall is detected and provide the user an opportunity to cancel the emergency call if needed.   iHELP medical alert button with fall detection small, also senior help button, lifeline

WATERPROOF  Wear in the shower or bath.  It’s rated to be submersed in water for up to 30 minutes.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE  Depending upon the device settings, the  iHELP Alert can last up to 72 hours between charges. Low battery voice prompts and status lights provide user notification of device charging.

SUPERIOR 24-7 MONITORING   Our US based monitoring center is staffed by highly trained operators who are there when you need them most. Your comprehensive monitoring profile at the call center provides a great resource of information to first responders who are called to care for you.

OUT OF THE BOX… IT’S READY  It’s so easy, your iHELP Alert arrives pre-programmed, charged….just put it on and you’re protected.  It’s just that easy!


Mobile alert activations will send a text message to your selected contacts including a map showing the location of the senior alarm.  TEXT ALERTS WITH REAL TIME LOCATION MAPPING   When you push your help button or a fall is detected, your iHELP immediately sends a text message to your The cellular medcial alert will text alert notifications to emergency contacts selected emergency contacts.  The text alert identifies the type of alert: SOS, fall detection, battery status alerts,  along with two location maps showing your location.  Contacts can also text your device and  receive an automatic text reply showing its current location.




Mobile medicial alert coverage map for senior help buttons

WORKS ANYWHERE – AT&T NATIONWIDE CELLULAR SERVICE INCLUDED   Your iHELP Alert provides emergency response service in all 50 States and US provinces.  Check for AT&T coverage in your selected area.





The iHELP cellular medical alert can use a tiny personal help button that is the smallest made in the industry


senior help button with charging cradle 2

INNOVATIVE NEW DESIGN FEATURE   With the optional  iHELP “Smart Cradle”  you simply place your cellular medical alert pendant in the cradle and wear a small personal help button.  Great for nighttime or daily use, the speaker and microphone of the Smart Cradle allows you to communicate with the emergency operator throughout your home.  It’s easy and allows you 24 hour protection from your medical alert system!



small easy help button for cellular medical alert system 2 smallONLY 0.3 OUNCES – NO CHARGING – WATERPROOF   Included with the optional  iHELP “Smart Cradle”  you can wear your tiny personal help button 24-7 or just when your cellular pendant is in its charging cradle.  Wear it with the included wrist strap or necklace you’ll never need to charge it and it’s completely waterproof.    It’s easy and allows you 24 hour protection from your medical alert system!








All Livewell Medical Alert Systems Come With 24-7 CSAA Certified Emergency Monitoring Services



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  • Use anywhere – inside/outside home
  • Easy one touch operation
  • Auto fall detection included
  • Lightweight/small/durable
  • 2.5″ x 1.8″ x .67″ –  only 1.5 ounces
  • Waterproof, use in shower & bath
  • 48 to 72 hours battery life
  • Nationwide AT&T cellular service included
  • Loud crystal clear speaker phone
  • Text alerts sent upon activation
  • All text alerts include location mapping
  • Voice prompts inform user of status
  • On demand device location mapping
  • Lost device ring command
  • Geo-fencing alerts when out of safe zone
  • Optional “Smart Charger” w/tiny wearable
  • Lifetime Warranty


IHELP medical alert with fall detection kit








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