January 15 2014

GREENSBORO, NC – As the doctors rushed Shirley into surgery they told her friend Taniya, “If she didn’t have this medical alert device, she would be dead…it gave her a fighting chance.”

On January 4th at 4:50pm Shirley (who lives alone) was doing some chores when all the sudden she felt pressure in her chest. She stopped what she had been doing and sat down, thinking she had exhausted herself. This discomfort soon became pain that began to hurt in other areas of her body. The pain became less tolerant and she knew something was wrong, so she pressed her button.

Emergency response team member Elysia answered her call. She listened to Shirley tell her that she may be having a heart attack. Elysia immediately sent the paramedics.

Back on the line, Elysia waited with Shirley; comforting her while EMS was on their way.

Upon arrival the paramedics assessed her symptoms and rushed her to the hospital.

Taniya, her friend, met the ambulance at the hospital. As they hurried her in, Taniya overheard them saying she will be heading straight into surgery.

A few days later, our response team learned that the surgery was successful. Shirley was recovering well and expects to be home soon.

We thank team member Elysia for her caring efforts on Shirley’s behalf. It was a great benefit to Shirley that she used her medical alert.