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5 Brain Facts You Should Know

5 Brain Facts You Should Know
February 18, 2013 By Leslie Jellen, Ph.D.


The human brain is incredible. From joy to sadness, love to hate, peace to war…whether it’s a trip to the moon or a trip to the store, the human brain makes it all possible. So […]

Study 1 in 5 seniors taking risky medications

Communication between every member of a senior’s comprehensive care team is essential. If doctors aren’t on the same page as home care providers, not only will patients not receive the best treatment possible, but their well-being could be put at risk, and results of a new […]

Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease in Women

A lot of people think that women do not get heart disease. More women die from heart disease than from anything else. Any woman can get heart disease. When you think about heart disease, you probably think about chest pain. Women […]

How to Choose a Pers

How to Choose a
 Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
Produced with the American Association of Retired Persons

How a PERS Works

A PERS has three components: a small radio transmitter (a help button carried or worn by the user); a console connected to the user ’s telephone; […]



Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)


Arthritis is a disease of the joints. Painful, stiff joints are the most common signs of arthritis. Other signs are swelling, warmth, and redness in the joints. People often

have trouble moving the joints normally. Arthritis is a problem for many adults age 65 […]

With the arrival of spring

With the arrival of spring, take stock of your caregiving routine

With the arrival of spring several weeks ago, most of us are looking to clean out our homes to start fresh as the weather begins to warm up. While spring cleaning is a long held […]